About The Festival

The Dunedin Literary Festival returns this year on Saturday September 14th, 2019. Known as “Words in the Woods” due to its beautiful location, the festival is an all inclusive, all-ages, one-day family affair that celebrates Canadian arts & literature, music, food, and community in the hopes of inspiring and educating readers of all ages. Bring a picnic blanket and stay for the day to make great memories for the whole family!

Whether outdoors in the park for lively readings under the large Author’s Tent, or for intimate words & music collaborations inside the historic Dunedin Hall, there is much to explore in the beautiful valley of Dunedin, Ontario.

The Dunedin Literary Festival is an amazing community event drawing in readers locally, regionally and nationally. We hope you will share in our story.

Official Bookseller

Festival Organizers

Rina Barone - Artistic Director
Simon Heath - Executive Director
Brenda Lapell - Design

About Dunedin

Dunedin is a small community a few minutes drive from Creemore. Words in the Woods has activities and events both outside in the spacious Dunedin Park as well as inside the quaint Dunedin Village Hall across the road.

Dunedin Park

About Creemore

The village of Creemore is located in Simcoe County. The name of Creemore originally comes from the Irish words Croí Mór, meaning 'big heart’.

Creemore has a small vibrant business community and is the home to Creemore Springs Brewery. Each year, Creemore hosts a variety of village-wide festivals with activities and attractions for the young and old.