Ann Hui

Photo credit: Amanda Palmer

Raised in a Chinese-Canadian family in Vancouver, Ann Hui grew up in a food-obsessed household, with parents who always knew where the freshest Cantonese seafood or barbecued duck could be found. But each time she left the city, she’d find herself mystified by small-town Chinese restaurants, with menus that seemed so foreign to her. So in 2016, as a journalist at The Globe and Mail, Hui set out on a cross-country road trip, from Victoria B.C. to St. John’s, Newfoundland, to answer two questions: Why is there a Chinese restaurant in every small town? And who are the families who run them?

It was only after the story was published that she discovered her own family could have been included -- her parents had run a Chinese restaurant, The Legion Cafe (Abbotsford, BC), before she was born. This discovery set her on a time-sensitive mission: to learn her family’s story, and understand how her own parents had wound up in Canada.

Since 2015, Hui has been The Globe’s national food reporter. Her work has included investigations into the role of lobbying in the development of Canada’s Food Guide, and a 2018 story that uncovered widespread sexual harassment in one of the country’s most prominent wineries. Previously, she covered Toronto politics and national news at The Globe and Mail. She has a master of journalism from Ryerson University and a bachelor of arts from the University of British Columbia.

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