…in the meantime, I haven’t told anyone about your determination to farm for a living. There’s no sense ruining your reputation over this thing. I’ve just told them you’re being treated for a drinking problem.
— Alf Harrison (Walt’s partner at the firm) - Letter from Wingfield Farm 1985


Dan Needles

Dan Needles is the bestselling author of Wingfield’s World (Random House, 2011), Wingfield’s Hope (Key Porter, 2015) and With Axe and Flask (McFarlane, Walter and Ross, 2002), which won the 2003 Stephen Leacock Medal for Humour. His Wingfield Farm stage plays have appeared in theatres across Canada and the United States. His popular magazine columns have been published in Harrowsmith-Country Life, Country Guide, Small Farm Canada, In the Hills, On the Bay, Watershed and other publications. Needles was appointed a Member of the Order of Canada in  2014 for a body of work that celebrates the people of rural Canada. He  lives with his wife at Larkspur Farm near Collingwood, ON.

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Works by Dan Needles

Wingfield's Hope
With Axe & Flask