Pat Raible

Photo by Bryan Davies Photography

Pat Raible was born and grew up in Liverpool, England. She and her husband, Chris, moved to Berkeley, California in 1954 then immigrated to Canada in 1982.

It was shortly after moving to Creemore in 1994 that they met Charles and Ella Garrad and learned about the Petun. Thus began Pat’s search for these remarkable Indigenous people, early residents in this part of Ontario. The more Pat heard and read, the more she admired the Petun and their way of life.

By profession Pat is a librarian (public and then, latterly, law). By avocation, Pat is a keen local historian, and with her husband and many other Creemorians has been — and still is — very active in saving and maintaining the Creemore Log Cabin (an early Creemore residence) and the little stone Creemore Jail.

Works by Pat Raible